Every week at Wettpunkt is full of fun


Since our clubs are open 24/7, you can always count on having a great time! Along with the best coffee and drinks as well as great games, we always have a lot of weekly events. Every Thursday evening, all the ladies can have fun during our Ladies’ night program, while Friday is reserved for men with our Gentlemen’s night. These programs offer various benefits and since each of our clubs in Rijeka, Split and Zagreb have their own special surprises it is best to visit them and discover what we have in store for you. Also, Wettpunkt clubs are a great place to celebrate birthdays! If you visit one of our clubs on your birthday, we will buy a round of drinks for you and your friends, along with a play promo ticket. To top it all off, you can always count on pleasant surprises when visiting us so we are certainly looking forward to seeing you! Only Wettpunkt can do this!