About us

Wettpunkt is a household name in Croatia for more than 15 years. Not only does Wettpunkt have clubs in Rijeka, Split and Zagreb that are among the largest ones in Croatia with regards to surface area and number of playing positions, it is also renowned for entertainment and other events. Zagreb has two clubs: Branimir center at the heart of the city and City Center One East. Wettpunkt Picasso is at the Tower Center in Rijeka. The club in Split is located at City Center One. Wettpunkt’s clubs also have designated smoking areas, currency exchange spots, betting stations, bars and a wide offer of games, prize giveaways and promotions. 

One of the most important features are the 24/7 working hours meaning that all these great services are always available.

 Our web pages and social media profiles are a great source for additional information while the best thing you can do is visit one of our clubs and see that only Wettpunkt can do this!